Installation Process

Welcome to the installation page! You can find how you can install our tweaks straight into your game on this page! The process is a little different for each category, so read on for each one. You can click on the options below to navigate to the type of pack you want to install.

Resource Packs

  1. Click on "Options..." in the Main Menu.
  2. Click on "Resource Packs..." in the Options screen.
  3. Click on "Open Resource Pack Folder" in the Resource Pack Screen.
  4. Drag and drop your downloaded "Vanilla Tweaks" zip into the folder that was opened.
  5. You will now see the resource pack in the list upon reloading the Resource Pack Screen.

Data Packs and Crafting Tweaks

  1. Click on "Single Player" in the Main Menu.
  2. Find the world where you want to install the Data Packs/Crafting Tweaks, select it and press "Edit".
  3. Click on "Open World Folder" in the Settings menu.
  4. Go to the "datapacks" folder.
  5. Move the file you downloaded to that folder. (Crafting Tweaks skip to step 9.)
  6. Data Packs only:

  7. Right click the zip file and click "Extract All". Press "Extract"
  8. It should open a new window with the datapacks you selected.

  9. Move all the files to the same folder where the .zip file is located. (CTRL+A to select all files)
  10. Delete the "UNZIP_ME" folder and file.
  11. You have now successfully installed the datapacks and crafting tweaks into your world!
  12. You may have to run "/reload" in your world if it is already open